Does super brain yoga work for depression

Super brain yoga

Super brain yoga for depression We have this beautiful technique called super brain yoga you will be surprised to know that this simple technique can make you smarter like Albert Einstein. At the old time in India teachers used to give super brain yoga as a punishment to their students.

You will be surprised to know that this wonderful technique make your brain more effective, more emotionally balanced and helps to reduce stress and the symptoms of depression and anxiety

Super brain yoga is a fantastic technique and it comes from Hindu scriptures so it is completely validated and we have lots of statistics showing that super brain yoga increase brain power

Recent research shows that

A group of school students who have done super brain yoga continuously has 33% higher results than a group of children who have not done the super brain yoga

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How super brain yoga works?

The scientifically validated technique, Super brain yoga is globally acclaimed for energizing the brain and even improves clarity and sharpness.

The main function of super brain yoga is to allow energy to flow from the lower energy centers or lower chakras to the crown chakras and forehead. 
In this process, the energy is automatically changed into subtle energy, and this energy is used by a person’s brain to improve its functioning. 
These energies travel through the human body, benefiting various energy centers, and bringing forth suitable outcomes. For instance, when the energy from the general or basic energy source comes into contact with the heart energy center, it creates profound inner peace

The science behind super brain yoga

In archaeology, the ear lobe represents a person’s brain and the ear lobe is also considered as an acupressure point which is directly connected to the brain

While doing super brain yoga person press the ear lobe and do And do setups with inhaling and exhausted

This process improve the synchronization of right and left brain and the same waves pattern occurs together in the brain especially the alpha wave

Scientists believe that this Synchronization result in

• Improve creativity

• Improve self-control

• Improve brainpower of

Regular practice of Super brain yoga helps to produce more alfa waves. which helps in improving brain capabilities like learning, consciousness, memory and also helps in treating depression and anxiety, and other mental health problems

How super brain yoga works on depression

The first and obvious result of this yoga is increased oxygen uptake. Like any cardio exercise, this yoga increases our heart rate as a result blood flow increases.

When blood flow is increased, the supply of nutrients- glucose and oxygen is increased, this stimulates brain cells and Superbrain yoga improve the synchronization of brain waves which helps to improve mood, concentration, and memory

The synchronization of Alpha waves in the brain results in the state of relaxation, reduced anxiety, stress, and depression

Super brain yoga also helps in treating other mental health problems. Such as anxiety, stress, overthinking

The steps to perform super brain yoga are

steps to perform super brain yoga

  1. First we need to touch the palate of mouth with tongue in order to open receptors in the ears.
  2. Second is that we need to hold our ear lobes
  3. Begin by rolling your tongue inside your mouth, ensuring that it touches the roof of your mouth or the palate. Imagine saying the word ‘la’ to decipher the right positioning of the tongue. The tongue should be placed in this particular manner throughout the exercise session for increased benefits.
  4. Right hand fingers – thumb and fore finger should press the left ear lobe
  5. Left hand fingers – thumb and fore finger should press the right ear lobe.
  6. Inhale deeply and gradually lower yourself towards the floor, in a squatting position. Super brain yoga does not require any support and it is best to use a firm ground. Squat with your arms crossed and go as low as you can, for best results. All the time ensure that your fingers squeeze the earlobe gently.
  7. Typically 15-21 rounds of squats with crossed hands are the standard set to get optimal results. Most important part is to observe and control the breath.
Note: Thumb should be on front part of lobe.

Benefits of super brain yoga

  • It improves brain function
  • It increases the inner peace and concentration power of individual
  • Super brain yoga provide psychological stability and reduce stress-related issues
  • Super brain yoga increases the creativity and intelligence
  • In Increasing focus and concentration in youngsters.
  • Improving EQ- emotional quotient in children.
  • It has the potential to boost the social psychology and behavior patterns in teens.
  • It also aids in increased cognition. It synchronizes functions of right and left brain.
  • Research suggests that super brain yoga can help in the treatment of ADHD, Alzhimers, dementia.
  • It changes lower chakra energy to higher chakra energy.
  • It helps in the proper functioning of the brain.
  • It improves the flow of energy in the body
  • It effectively improve the concentration level, especially among students and others alike.
  • It improves balance and flexibility respectively.
  • With continuous practice it can also deter the onset of Alzheimer’s to a great extent.
  • It is an ideal activity for all those facing concerns of autism, dyslexia and other related disorders.
  • It helps in reducing and controlling aggression, irritation and other related emotions.
  • It offers holistic result by promoting overall good health and well-being.
  • It initiates and stimulates your mind
  • It diminishes mental stretch and even offers your extraordinary mental strength
  • Improves person imagination
  • Improves sex drive

The effects of super brain yoga on different parts of the brain are work on same principle


when person press ear lobes, touch the palate with tongue and squat then simultaneously person cerebellum, frontal lobe and occipital stimulated. Creating respective synapses

Electrical discharge

Brain send message in the form of electrical charges. It is scientifically proved that when certain electrical stimulation is given daily it results in permanent change in brain function. In the form of super brain yoga when we stimulate


Regular practice of super brain helps in improving mental health. Do not expect to become Einstein overnight. Usually you will start noticing the results within 30 to 50 days if you practice it regularly


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