Paleo Diet And Depression: Reasons to Go Paleo For Depression

Paleo Diet And Depression: Reasons to Go Paleo For Depression

Paleo Diet And Depression

Paleo diet for depression Depression contributes to the second highest burden of disability worldwide. Globally, nearly 20 % of children and adolescents are afflicted with mental. 

 Studies show that a better-quality diet is associated with better mental health outcomes and vice versa. Increased consumption of Western processed foods increases the risk of depression.

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What is paleo diet?

 Paleo diet is also known as the Paleolithic diet and caveman diet. this diet is a diet that our ancestors used to eat in the stone age that is why the paleo diet is also known as a stone-age diet that does not contain any kind of processed food

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This diet contains whole food that meets vegetable fruit without any saturated or processed food. It is very similar to our ancestors’ diet. Our ancestors were not as lucky as we are because they did not have a facility like us. They used to eat by hunting and organic food like fresh fruits vegetables and meat, due to which they were always healthy and never fell ill easily like nowadays. 

Paleo diet is good for your health and fitness and this diet is also good for those who are suffering from mental illness such as depression and stress

In other word paleo diet paleolithic is a diet which includes foodstuff which was available or consumed by the people during the Paleolithic era this diet includes fruits nuts roots and meat

This diet excludes everything which is refined, dairy products. the paleo diet also excludes salt, tea, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco.

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In short paleo diet or Paleolithic diet excludes all the kind of processed food this diet claim to be good for the weight management, mental illness such as depression

Why the paleo diet is good for depression

Sugar, Soya oil, canola oil, etc can cause symptoms of mental problems such as depression anxiety, and other mental health problems and in the palio diet, eating all these things is strictly prohibited.

Paleo diet includes non-inflammatory foods which do not cause inflammation in the brain which is very helpful in the reduction of depressive symptoms and other mental illness such as anxiety and overthinking, stress

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The connection between brain and gut

Paleo diet is good for the gut which prevents brain inflammation. Many researches have proved that there is a strong link between gut and brain health

If an individual has a poor diet or non-nutritious diet then and it makes a very bad impact on his gut which causes inflammation in the brain and can make the condition worse for diseases such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, and chronic illness

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There are many studies on paleo diet shows approximately 70% to 75% of people who are suffering Depression have the disease, related to their gut are also diagnosed with mental illness especially depression and anxiety.

Diet is very necessary for an individual and it plays an important role in the life. A person’s health depends on his lifestyle and diet. There are many types of diet available in the market which are considered good for our body but for the person who suffers from mental illnesses

doctors usually suggest a paleo diet because it reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety and improves mood Because the paleo diet contains non-inflammatory food which is good for fighting depression.

How paleo diet works for depression

A healthy diet is associated with 36% reduction of depression and improve 40% of thinking power.

The main cause of depression is the imbalance of serotonin hormones (stress hormone) in a person’s brain . serotonin level controls individuals mood

Paleo diet includes the right food which helps to reduce the inflammation in the brain. The Paleo diet increases the level of serotonin hormone in the brain it is very effective for overcoming depression and other mental health problems.

It is important to reduce the intake of inflammatory food because inflammatory foods increase the chances of mental illness such as depression and anxiety.

The paleo diet is the best diet to reduce inflammation in the brain because in paleo diet exclude all foods which can cause brain inflammation and include non-inflammation food like fruits, vegetable and fish.

Inflammatory food also increases the risk of physical illness such as diabetes, cancer and obesity.

Foods which contain a high level of protein and vitamins are beneficial in lifting mood

Because the protein contains a high amount of amino acids which help to increase serotonin.

When an individual follow paleo diet person starts eating lots of organic and natural foods which naturally increase the level of serotonin and dopamine hormone

diet plays a major role in individual health and that’s why it is important to follow the right diet

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Disadvantages of the paleo diet

  • Paleo diet is a very expensive diet because in this diet person has to eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, and meat
  •  Paleo diet excludes wheat, barley, oats, corn, brown rice and all of these are the good source of carbohydrates and if a person reduce intake of carbohydrates it can cause ketosis
  • Grains like wheat and rice are helpful to reduce the level of cholesterol and diabetes but paleo diet excludes grain 
  • In the paleo diet, a person is forbidden to eat dairy products, but if a person does not consume dairy products like milk, curd butter cheese, etc., then the person may have deficient of vitamin D and other vitamins due to which the person can face many diseases such as curvature of low bone density, week teeth, ortho forces, etc.
  • Paleo diet contains a significant amount of saturated fat which can cause many diseases such as kidney problems and heart problems and also some serious problems like cancer.
  • Excluding dairy products, sugar, salt from the diet can cause nutritional deficiency
  • Paleo diet can increase the level of ingestion toxin in the body because the person consumes more fish 
  • Paleo diet can also cause diseases like weakness, diarrhea, and headaches
  •  Paleo diet reduces calorie intake in a person’s diet, which reduces a person’s weight easily but it increases the risk of other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome.
  • According to a 2014 study, the paleo diet is not effective for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases.

Health benefits of the paleo diet

  • Paleo diet avoids sugar and processed food which is helpful to the balance glucose level in the blood which keeps the sugar level under the control of the person.
  • This diet is rich in satiating foods, which help reduce unhealthy snacking. Frequent craving and hunger during day can easily make you have a hard time sticking to the diet as a beginner
  • Thе Pаlео diet grоuр REVERSED thе ѕіgnѕ and ѕуmрtоmѕ оf іnѕulіn rеѕіѕtаnt, Tуре 2 diabetes. Thе Mеdіtеrrаnеаn dіеt ѕhоwеd lіttlе if аnу improvements.
  • Paleo diet reduces the chances of diabetes disorder, feeling fatigue and help in the treatment of depression
  • Paleo diet contains a good amount of meat. which contains a high quantity of protein this help in muscle growth
  • Many researches have proved gelatin is harmful to the digestive system, celiac diseases
  • Keeps you feeling fuller longer time
  •  Paleo diet is good for weight loss
  • Many studies have proved that a paleo diet helps to prevent or reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer, depression, and anxiety as well as it prevents heart diseases
  •  Paleo diet improves sleep quality paleo diet is helpful for those people who have depression, insomnia, and hypersomnia
  • Avoiding processed foods from the diet will help to avoid a lot of synthetic chemicals and other harmful chemical
  • Increases the intake of vegetable and fruits which is good for the health of the individual in paleo diet individual eat a good amount of fruits vegetables and meats


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