Is Depression Curable? How to Manage Symptoms

Is Depression Curable

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Is depression curable?

Is Depression Curable? According to WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION), About 6.7% of US individuals had suffered depression (depressive disorder) in 2018 

According to many experts, depression is highly treatable. The person can control and reduce their symptom but depression is not curable.

If a person suffered from 1 depression episode in their life. Then there are 50 percent chances of recurrence of depression completely depends on lifestyle of person.

    Some reasons for the recurrence 

    • Are person living happy life

    • Living alone

    • Stress

    • Lack of physical activity

    • Lack of social life

    • Job and career-related stress

    • Smoking and drinking alcohol

    • sleep related problems

    The answer to the question Is depression curable ? Is depend on thinking of individual and lifestyle.

    The risk of recurrence of depressive disorder is very high for individuals who have suffered one depressive episode in their life but a person can prevent recurrence by following a good lifestyle like the regular workout, good diet.

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    What causes depression relapse

    It is not necessary that if a person suffered one depressive episode in-person's Life person will suffer another one it is not necessary but in general, it happened in 50℅ to 60℅ cases.

    There are few scientific reasons for recurrence of depression

    • Environmental

    • Heredity

    • Emotional reasons

    Depressive disorder does not mean that person is weak or the person has done something wrong

    Reasons for the trigger of depression

    • Stress of losing the job

    • Break up or divorce

    • Stress in a relationship

    • Stress of society

    •Alcohol, drugs, and smoking

    • Death of who loved one

    To reduce the chances of recurrence of depression consult with your doctor And tell them everything

    The warning signs of depressive disorder differ person to person for example some people feel a disturbance in their sleep like sleeping so much or have less sleep

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    Sign and symptoms of depression

    • Lack of energy and feel so much tired

    • Changing physical appearance like weight losing or weight gain

    • Overeating

    • Lost interest and pleasure in daily activities

    • Irritation

    • Feel more anger

    • Sleep disturbance

    • Feeling hopeless

    • Physical aches and pain

    • Abuse of alcohol and smoke

    • Violent in behavior

    • Negative thoughts

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    Prevent reoccurrence

    If you think you might be at the risk of having another depressive episode don’t worry treating depression can help you to reduce the chances of recurrence of a depressive episode.

    The best way of treatment commonly includes the combination of therapies as well as medication, meditation and natural treatment

    Depression treatment and prevention tips

    • Find support
    Never stay alone in your life depressive disorder is endless and you need someone to whom you can talk with you and share  feeling

    • Practice self-care
    You need to take care of yourself and do things you like to do and get all essential vitamins and minerals eat healthy food and stay fit

    Learn as much as you can about depressive disorder

    You should know that what causes depression, how to prevent, symptoms, etc this help person to understand their depression

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    Tips to prevent depression

    • Lifestyle change

    lifestyle change is a very simple and powerful tool for the treatment of depression making the right lifestyle change the bad habits and acquisition of new and better habits can help you to treat your depression faster

    • Social support

    Strong social network helps the person to reduce depression

    • Do exercise and yoga

    Change your lifestyle to treat the depression. exercise and yoga are the best ways to treat depressive disorder naturally. It improves body function and helps to feel your relax

    • Get outside more

    Spend some time with your friends and go to the park regularly

    • Take healthy diet

    You need to focus on your diet because it is very important and play a big role in reducing depressive disorder what you eat is directly related to how you feel

    • Play brain games

    Brain games can help you to divert your mind. The brain is also like other muscles of our body. We go to the gym to make bicep big and strong. Same happens with a brain if you train your brain you can increase brain power

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    Bonus tips

    • Stay always hydrated drink plenty of water
    • Play with pets.


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