Depression Quotes That Will Help You Feel Better

Depression Quotes

Depression quotes and saying Life is full of changes every day bring new changes some are good and some are bad. These include mental state, emotional or physical changes. Not all changes are good or easy to accept. In many cases, mental and emotional changes can wreak havoc on a person’s life. Emotional or spiritual changes can cause one to become depressed, anxious. These are genuinely uncomfortable feelings

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Here are some depression quotes

Being alone teaches you a lot
I am too insane to explain and you are
too normal to understand

We are shaped by our

thoughts; we become what

we think. When the mind is

pure, joy follows like a

shadow that never leaves.

 I don't want to die, just want the pain to stop getting worse because I am not strong enough to fight it all anymore

Life meets depression once
Live it well
No matter what the circumstances
Teach him to fight
Because fighting through every difficult situation is life
Fearful of circumstances
Don’t end life like this
You remained alone in the crowd
You kept quiet
You keep hiding sorrow in happiness
This is how you lost your life

 A friend is someone who understands

Your past, believes in your future, and

Accepts you just the way you are.


 You may not able to

Change the whole world

But you can change

The part of your world. 


 I am strong because

i've been weak.

i am fearless because

i've been afraid.

i am wise because

i've been foolish

Fall in love with your
own story
Otherwise you will find
Lost in someone else's..
Dont trust too much
Dont love too much.
Dont hope too much.
Because that "Too much' can hurt you so much.
True happiness comes from within
Yourself..Not from someone else. Don't make
The mistake of waiting on someone or
Something to come along & make you happy.

When trust is broken

Sorry means nothing

I have known the reality of life When I am alone in pain, no one is with me, but when I am all happy people are with me

By seeing the seed of failure in every success, we remain humble. By seeing the seed of success in every failure, we remain hopeful.

 A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.


Whenever you get time
Take my stress off,
I am sad for many days
Spend one evening with me

Don't feel bad if someone rejects you.

People usually Rejects expensive

Things because they can't afford them.

has two meanings-
Forget Everything And Run
Face Everything And Rise
The choice is yours

Failures and mistakes are blessings, it is as good as it gets

Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.

Tears have no weight! But when it gets out, the mind gets lighter!!

Don’t let life disappoint you, Everyone where he has reached today had to start from where he was

If you lose
Don’t give up
Victory is hidden after every defeat

Happiness is not a matter of who you are Or what do you have Happiness is what you think

If you really want to live, then learn to live alone, Because no one will support you till the last time ..

Man is made by his faith, He becomes what he believes.

The best revenge

Is no revenge

Move on, keep


We should never think about things that have happened in life, Nor should we be troubled by thinking about the coming tomorrow, just enjoy present

The person who says this, I have never made a mistake in life, Then understand that the person never tried anything new

When and how life is changing I understand everything, but I am unable to do anything, Nor am i able to say anything

The paths never end People just lose courage !! – Must learn to swim if you want to get into the water No diver sits on the shore

Do not feel sad if you have difficulties in your life Because tough roles are given only to good actors !!

One concern gives rise to hundreds of other concerns, such as blood seeds.

Anxiety is a sign of weakness that makes life equivalent

Worry fills cowardice and poison in life.

The time we spend worrying about a task, if the that time we spend in that work, then there will be no worry.

It’s always dark before the dawn

We dream in sleep, but God wakes us up every day and give chance to fulfill dreams

Life is very small, so spend time with those people who make’s you happy

If you think you can – you can! If you think you can’t – then you can’t! And either way… you are right

If you want to get something in life, change the ways, not the intention

Don’t be afraid of failure – not failure, but aiming small is a crime. It is also great to fail in great efforts

It is good to believe in success, but it is important to learn from your failure.

Whether life is of one day or four days. Live it as it is yours last day

Man is alone in struggle, the world is with him in success, The person on whom this world laughed has created history

I didn't want to wake up. I was having a much better time asleep. And that's really sad. It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare you're so relieved. I woke up into a nightmare.

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Depression Quotes

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