Best Natural Way To Treat Depression: Are they effective?

Natural Way To Treat Depression

Natural Treatment For Depression After you have made a decision that you want to get rid of your depression for good in a healthy and natural way. It is now time to implement the treatments So where do we begin in curing depression. 

These tips can help you to treat depression

Listen binaural beats

Study shows that binaural beats can improve your mood and reduce the anxiety, depression and help to feel you relaxed.

When you listen to tones slightly different frequency in each ear brain process a beat at the different frequency this is called binaural beats

Other health benefits of Binaural Beats
• Deep relaxed state
• Improve sleep cycle
• Increase focus
• Reduce anxiety
• Make person mood fresh and relax
• Improve your motivation level

Your brain and nature 

Spending time in nature can help the person to reduce the stress level and depression

Many studies have proved that there is a strong link between nature and mood

Spending time in nature can help a person to reduce the depression and stress level

There are many reasons why outdoor exclusion have such a positive mental effect on our mind

The visual aspect of nature can also have a soothing effect according to the doctor Will Smith

having something recent to focus on like re and energy helps distract persons mind from negative thinking so persons thought will become less filled with worries”

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Deep Belly Breathing

Deep belly breathing works when you constrict the back of your throat so that when you inhale your breath is long, slow and deep, this is also how babies breathe wherein when they inhale they push their bellies out as compared to a person who is depressed where most of the time only do shallow breathing. This could help to treat depression naturally.

Meditation and mindfulness

Studies have proved that mindfulness and meditation can reduce depression and stress

The people of India and China use meditation since a long ancient time

There are many other health benefits of meditation

• Reduce stress

• Control the level of anxiety

• Build self-awareness

• Build motivation

• Build strong memory power

• Improve concentration level

• Helps in the fight with addictions


A most effective way to treat or prevent depression is the well-balanced diet

If you will eat healthy you will feel good and it will also boost person mood and help to reduce the stress and depression

• Eat food good for depression

You should eat that food which you like you to fight with depression

• Get more vitamin D

Eat vitamin D rich food and expose yourself to sunlight which boosts your mood and increase vitamin D level in the body

• Eat healthy food

Dr. Dregan says “healthy body equals a healthy mind,”
Eat healthy and nutritious food which is good for your health and increase intake of protein, green vegetable and Increase the intake of fruits

Regular exercise

An Exercise a Day Can Make Depression Go Away! You probably know already the importance and benefits of exercise (as if it’s not being emphasized enough when it comes to health related issues) not just for mental disorders but in a person’s general health. When it comes to dealing with depression, exercise can help because it releases body chemical called endorphins.

Endorphins are also known as the “feel good” hormone, and once you exercise; your body is going to release these chemicals and will help in making you feel better.

Not to mention the fact that routinely going to the gym will inevitably grant you a better body and boost your physical appearance.

Reduce caffeine intake

Recent studies show that excess intake of caffeine increases the depression symptoms

Abuse of caffeine works as a catalyst for depression symptoms

It is good to take a reasonable amount of caffeine in the morning but a person should not take caffeine again in the afternoon so it doesn’t interfere in your sleep

When you have craving for caffeine or related products. Go outside and take a walk.

Eliminate triggers which cause depression

Certain food, substance and habits like drugs alcohol tobacco smoking, etc create inflammation in our body and brain which leads to depression

common depression triggers are

• loneliness
• Losing job
• Financial issue
• Sexual problems
• Being overweight
• Physical appearance
• parents health condition
• Difficulty in relationship
• Death of loved one
• Poor sleep
• Abuse of alcohol
• Poor diet

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is also a one of trigger for depression and if you do alcohol abuse then it can affect

• Your social life

• Your relationship

• Your body and mind

• It will affect person the sleep cycle

• Person will get addicted to alcohol

These all are conditions that affect your mind and stress level. Alcohol can increase the symptoms of depression and make you feel much worse

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Get more social

When you are depressed there is no reason to go it alone and you should reach out to friends, family and talk to them, make plans with them 

  • If possible join clubs and this will keep you   busy
  • You should schedule your daily routine  
  • Meet new people every day and expand your social life Don’t think more and more and more.

The mood-boosting power of Pets helps to reduce depression

If you have pets you are so lucky because recent studies have proved that if a person play with dogs and cats his or her stress level will be reduced
Dogs and cats can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, loneliness and also helps to divert the mind from thoughts, stress, and depression

Avoid using a cell phone before going to sleep

The use of a cell phone can also cause stress and anxiety. Don’t use the phone before going to sleep because Cell phone works as catalyst try to avoid the use of cell phone before 2 hours of sleep
when you are going to bed keep your mobile phones away from you not even in the same room


Feeling grateful is one of the greatest shifts to manage and also overcome depression. If for example you are worrying about something, and that puts you in a depressive state instead of focusing on what you don’t have or focusing on those worries, think about what you have, and just be grateful for those little things because often times we take those things for granted.

If you think about what you lack, it will put you into a negative mindset thus making you vulnerable to depression. When you shift into gratitude or be thankful for the things you have, it’s going to put your mind into a positive mindset.

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Play brain games

Playing brain games like chess, sudoku and brain teaser etc can help you to divert the mind and reduce stress, anxiety level
According to WHO(WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION) brain games can help to rewire person’s brain and decrease the symptoms of depression

Drink plenty of water

If a person has dehydration brain stops the production of energy due to which brain stop working properly.

dehydration also reduces the production of serotonin hormone. Less production of these hormones affects person mood

Serotonin hormone requires a sufficient amount of water and other chemicals in the body for the production

Symptoms of dehydration

• Increased heart rate
• Headache
• Muscles fatigue and weakness

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Give some time to religious activity

Give some time to religious activity. it will help to relax a person’s mind and also give positive energy which will help the person to fight with depression and reduce the level of stress and anxiety

Consume probiotics

Such as Lactobacilli and Bifido bacteria. Supplements for Lactobacilli and Bifido bacteria can be found online but can also be naturally ingested through foodstuffs such as: Dairy products (Hand made or added live culture yogurt is best) Fermented vegetables (Fermented cabbage, sauerkraut and other picked vegetables.) Fermented vegetables aren’t subjected to manufacturing processes that kill the probiotics

Some bonus points to our readers
• Never skip a meal
• Eat good mood food
• Always think positively
• Do something new
• Try to have some fun

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Natural treatment is best ways for the treatment of depression eventually may prove to be valuable additions to the antidepressants, therapy and counseling




you should make sure that you start with small changes in lifestyle and move on to bigger change in lifestyle. This small change will definitely help to cure depression

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